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Landscapes designed for learning is a core part of our project work based upon extensive research and evaluation of outdoor classroom design over 30-years. Plincke helped to establish ‘Learning through Landscapes’ with Hampshire County Council in the late 1980’s and we have been involved in school ground design ever since. Our dedicated education team has been involved in over 200-schools from primary to all-through, including SEND and mainstream.


Our experience includes designing for mild and profound mental and physical special needs and ASD. Projects include SEN facilities within a mainstream setting, standalone primary and secondary SEN schools and SEND PRUs. We bring an in-depth understanding of BB104. We have also designed projects SEND further education provision for young people aged 16 to 25.



Our mainstream educational experience includes designing school grounds

from KS1 to KS4. We seek to maximise the opportunities that every school ground provides, creating environments for outdoor learning, social development, sport, and community access. We recognise the importance of safe and secure school sites alongside promoting a welcoming and engaging ethos. 


The design of educational projects is not a sideline for us but a core part of what we do. Consequently, our dedicated education team has developed an exceptional level of expertise in the sector, which we seek to enhance through our research activities. This combination of design experience and research has led us to be recognised as industry leaders in school ground design. 

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