Four Dwellings Primary School, Birmingham

Plincke collaborated with dRMM architects on this new primary school building which is located to the east of the Four Dwellings High School.

Our landscape design focused on creating defined areas for outdoor play, education and interaction with the exterior landscape.

Bold bands of high-quality slab and block paving were introduced, enclosed by formal hedges and sensory planting, to guide visitors into the school. Within this formal structure, Oval shaped ‘Planting Islands’ with raised edges, semi-mature trees and ornamental shrubs, provide more informal areas of seating and planting, whilst a new ‘green wall’ of climbing plants provides visual relief from the existing building facade.

A series of formal learning areas were introduced and a small playground for younger children immediately adjacent to the new building, with their layout deriving form the ovoid form of the architecture. Hedges reinforced with timber fencing define specific areas allocated to the year groups accommodated in the adjacent classrooms. To the south of the building are the schools formal sports pitches, playground, and formal/informal learning spaces. In the south-eastern corner of the site is a new shared use car park.

Primary school pupils now have their own separate outdoor dining area adjacent to the shared dining facility.

Four Dwelling Primary School won the Education award and Project of the Year at the Built in Quality and Construction Excellence Awards 2013.