stonehenge_Plincke_visitor centre

Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Stonehenge is perhaps the most famous prehistoric monument in the world. Begun as a simple earthwork enclosure, it was built in several stages, with the unique lintelled stone circle being erected in the Neolithic period in around 2,500 BC. Stonehenge remained important into the early Bronze Age (2,200–1,500 BC), when many burial mounds were built nearby. Today, Stonehenge, along with Avebury and other associated sites, form the heart of a World Heritage Site with a unique and dense concentration of outstanding prehistoric monuments.

Plincke were finalists in the international competition to design a new visitor centre for the site. The competition brief included significant alteration to the existing road network to restore a more natural and appropriate setting for the stones. Our proposal sought to reconcile the needs of preserving the uniqueness of the Stonehenge site whilst enhancing the experience of the 800,000 annual visitors.