Henry Moore Foundation

Plincke were commissioned by Westminster City Council to design a new setting for Henry Moore’s Locking Piece that occupies a prominent position between Tate Britain and Vauxhall Bridge. We worked closely with the Henry Moore Foundation and Tate Britain over the site of the sculpture, especially the views from within the space and from the adjacent Milbank Road both by day and at night. The design also needed to comply with stringent security requirements.

Our starting point was researching Moore’s letters and comments on how the sculpture should be sited, including photographs of its companion piece at the Banque Lambert, Brussels. This resulted in a simple, polished concrete circular plinth located close to the apex of the site. Lighting was designed to be unobtrusive and a bespoke fibre-optic handrail was designed by the practice.

Whilst construction works were underway, the sculpture was removed for specialist cleaning.