Leicestershire Memorial

The Leicestershire Memorial is dedicated to all those who have lost their life in conflict around the world since 1945.  The memorial is composed of four major elements:

  • The Tribute Bell  - A new bell to be rung on Armed Forces Day in tribute to all those men and women from Leicestershire that have made the ultimate sacrifice in armed conflict.  The rest of the year the bell is silent, representing the absence of the voices of those lost lives.
  • The Garden of Remembrance and Reconciliation - The garden is proposed as a tranquil place to visit, with scented planting and year round interest it provides a place to contemplate loss.  The design of the garden interprets the scale of conflict since 1945; in doing so it helps to educate the visitor – such as school groups, on the consequences of war.
  • The Guardians of the Silent - Four bronze relief sculptures stand either side of a plinth that holds the Tribute Bell’s clapper.  The Guardians represent the armed forces: Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force & the Reservists.  Each is slightly lifted from the ground and is a half abstract, half real figure stepping in and out of the bronze panel.  Most clearly defined would be the hands of the guardians, providing a solid, tangible element to touch and hold.
  • The Thread of Life - A pathway connects the Tribute Bell with the bell clapper via the Garden of Remembrance and Reconciliation.  The path represents a life journey and only by walking the path from the bell clapper beside the guardians to the bell is the ‘voice’ heard.